Top Companies that Hire Remote Workers

According to estimates by Glassdoor, nearly one-third of employees in the United States work remotely at least part-time, with 7 percent working remotely full-time. While these numbers are staggering, it can be hard to decide which companies are best to work for if you’re hoping to have a remote job. This list of the top biggest companies that hire remote workers will point you in the right direction toward your next job as an online employee, but don’t limit yourself to just these!

Top Companies that Hire Remote Workers

Working remotely has become incredibly popular in the last few years, and many companies offer remote workers to help drive their businesses forward. Some of these companies hire hundreds of remote workers, while others only hire a handful – but it’s easy to get started with any of them! Here are the top big companies that hire remote workers.

Overview of Working Remotely in 2022

Even though remote work was popular before the pandemic, it took off during the lockdowns. In reality, many managers and human resources departments were opposed to the idea of remote work for a very long time. If workers had laptops at home or on a beach, would they truly complete their work there? It turned out that they would, so the issue is no longer debatable.

A survey by the U.S. News & World Report of 200 organizations in the technology, digital media, and financial services sector revealed that 77% of them provide remote employment options. Less than 2% of people cannot work remotely.

Top Companies that Hire Remote Workers

Here are the 20 major employers that hire remote workers in 2022.

Activision Blizzard Inc.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California with 9,800 employees, Activision Blizzard specializes in creating video games. Some of their works, like Candy Crush, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Overwatch, are probably familiar to you.

The company employs software developers in addition to specialists in finance, IT, sales, supply chain management, legal, and other fields. They have locations all over the globe. Many employees don't work remotely, but others do. However, the company's culture appears to be shifting more and more in favor of working remotely. The opportunity for all employees to work remotely was one of the demands made during a protest that took place earlier this year.


Headquartered in San Jose, California with 25,998, Adobe is a computer software company. You've probably used or heard of some of Adobe's applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Acrobat Reader if you use computers a lot for office work.

Engineers, designers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and experts in finance and operations make up the company's workforce. Adobe is in the midst of a remote worker revolution, just like many other businesses. The career you want may require working in an office, but that is becoming less and less likely. "We intend to double the size of our remote worker community over time as we learn and iterate on making this model successful," a writer on an Adobe blog stated last year.


Atlassian is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with 8,179 employees. The company develops products primarily for software developers and project managers. The company offers remote job options and employs engineers, product managers, analysts, data scientists, IT professionals, security engineers, and more. You would anticipate the corporation to offer some remote employment options given that it produces many items that facilitate employee remote work.

Atlassian implemented a "Team Anywhere" policy in 2020. If you work for the company and are in the same time zone, you are free to live in any city or nation where the company has operations. Only four times a year are you required to visit the office.


Headquartered in San Rafael, California with 12,600 employees. Autodesk makes software products and services for a variety of industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, and entertainment. They have offices all around the world, five of which are in the US.

The company's remote work strategy is quite accommodating and flexible. Some employees work from home, hybrid employees, and office-based personnel, but even those with office-based jobs—those whose primary location is the office—are permitted to work remotely up to 20% of the time.


Blackrock is headquartered in New York City, with 18,400 employees. It is an investment management firm where, among other occupations, portfolio managers, dealers of fixed income, compliance officers, and software developers are all employed.

Employees can often work remotely for up to two days under the present rules. However, the company's CEO Larry Fink suggested in a letter to staff at the beginning of 2022 that the policy might change. Companies expected employees to report to the office five days a week, he said, among other things. In the workplace, mental health was rarely discussed. And the wages of low- and middle-class workers scarcely increased. That world has vanished.


Citigroup is headquartered in New York City with 223,400 employees. It is a financial services company and investment bank. You might already have a credit card from Citibank in your wallet; it's one of the nation's oldest banks. The types of professionals that work at Citigroup include, among others, bankers, product managers, and customer service agents.

Additionally, if you work for Citigroup, you might occasionally do so from home. The majority of the company's employees will be permitted to work as hybrid staffers, spending three days each week in the office and two days at home, it was revealed in March 2021.


IBM is headquartered in Armonk, New York with 282,100. Since 1911, this well-known technology company has been operating. At IBM, there are multiple job options in a wide range of fields, including research, sales, software development, and much more.

Earlier this year, IBM's CEO, Arvind Krishna, stated at the Aspen Ideas Festival that only approximately 20% of IBM's American employees are in the office for three days or more per week. IBM had remote workers long before it was fashionable. While more people might eventually end up working at an IBM location, assuming the pandemic subsides, Krishna said that remote working is generally here to stay.


Headquartered in Mountain View, California with 14,200. Intuit a software company. Some of their products, such as Quicken, QuickBooks, TurboTax, and, are probably familiar to you. Here, you can find people working as software engineers and data scientists, among other occupations. The organization began using a hybrid work style in May 2022. As a result, most teams are now expected to be on-site two to three days a week. This naturally means that you'll also frequently be working remotely two to three days a week.

Marvell Technology

Headquartered in Santa Clara, California with 6,729 employees. Marvell Technology develops and produces semiconductors as well as other related products. They employ software developers and computer programmers as you might anticipate, in addition to specialists in fields like technical writing and accounting analysis. 

During the pandemic, the company had a large number of workers working remotely, and its remote work assistance strategy helped its staff members acclimate to teleworking. But unlike some of the businesses on this list, it hasn't made a big deal out of working remotely. Nowadays, it seems to depend more on each individual circumstance.

Nvidia Corporation

Nvidia Corporation is headquartered in Santa Clara, California with 22,473 employees. It is a technological business that focuses on hardware and software for artificial intelligence, among other things. Although it has been said that its offices resemble a palace, which makes it appealing to employees, many still choose to work remotely. Because their company produces a lot of equipment that enables people to work remotely from home, it's possible that the corporation has a very liberal attitude about remote work.


PayPal is headquartered in SanJose, California with 30,900. You've probably used PayPal as a payment mechanism and heard of it. Financial technology firm PayPal Holdings Inc. facilitates online payments and money transfers. Since its founding in 1998, the business has had success.

Regarding the company's rules on remote work, PayPal employs a diverse group of people who work both on-site and from home. However, remote work appears to be becoming more popular. A corporate subsidiary just shut down a location in San Francisco. Why? because a large number of workers chose to work from home.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank is headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with 59,426 employees. PNC Bank let the majority of its staff work from home throughout the pandemic. Many people have begun returning to the workplace as the pandemic has subsided. Nevertheless, there are many PNC Bank employment that is listed that permit remote work.


Headquartered in San Francisco, California with 77,000 employees. Salesforce creates software that aids businesses in selling. Salesforce's staff has persuaded the company to offer a flexible work schedule that allows many employees to work from home. The company's website states that some workers work one to three days per week in the office; some who don't reside near an office are entirely remote; and "the smallest population" of employees work four to five days per week in the office - and only when it's necessary for their jobs.


Splunk is headquartered in San Jose, California with 7,500 employees. This software provider focuses in providing tools for real-time searching, monitoring, visualization, and analysis of machine data. The business declared in 2021 that its temporary policy of allowing employees to work remotely will be maintained.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments is headquartered in Dallas, Texas with 31,000  employees. It is a highly regarded technology corporation that focuses on developing and producing semiconductors. Cost accountants, web application developers, buying coordination managers, and manufacturing process engineers are just a handful of the occupations available mentioned on Texas Instruments' career page.

Regarding a remote work policy, job search engines claim that some employees is available. Because it can be challenging to create something from home, the corporation doesn't precisely promote or push the idea of individuals working from home. Depending on your role, you could or might not find what you're searching for if you enjoy working remotely.


Visa is headquartered in San Francisco, California with 21,500 employees. It is a company that offers financial services and focuses on electronic payments. Possibly, you carry a credit card with the Visa logo in your wallet. You could do almost anything if you work with Visa. Software engineers, research scientists, and data scientists are among the professions that currently have opportunities. Although they don't seem to be adamant about it, Visa appears to desire staff in the office. Employees at Visa are often expected to arrive at least twice a week.


Workday is headquartered in Pleasanton, California with 15,200. The business sells software for student information systems, human resource management, and financial management on demand. 


Headquartered in San Francisco, California with 4,400. Yelp publishes crowd-sourced reviews of establishments on both its well-known website and its mobile app. It shouldn't be a problem if you wish to work remotely with Yelp.

Bottom Line

One of the biggest benefits of remote working is that it allows companies to hire the most talented people regardless of where they live or where their office is located. Of course, there are downsides as well, such as not being able to form close relationships with your coworkers and feeling isolated if you work from home. For some companies, however, these drawbacks aren’t enough to outweigh the advantages of hiring remote workers. Here are four of the biggest and best-known companies that have adopted remote work as part of their business model, plus two smaller but equally impressive ones that you might not have heard of before.