Scholarships to Study in London

The usual arguments against attending a university in London range from the cost to the size of the city and the lack of a campus life. Parents and students who may have never been to a big metropolis find the idea of going to school in London to be too intimidating. Many students could overlook the fact that London offers some of the most substantial scholarships in the UK despite the fact that housing and living expenses are higher there. We covered every aspect of the best scholarships to study in London in 2022 and beyond. Continue reading to learn more.

Scholarships to Study in London

Deciding to study in the UK is an investment in your future. Studying abroad in the United Kingdom is an excellent opportunity to get some of the best higher education in the world. A prestigious degree from the UK is a valuable and transformative experience and will take your education - and your employability - to the next level. However, this kind of quality usually does not come cheap, and many international students need some form of financial aid to fully or partially cover their studies and living costs in the UK.

There are many funding options available for international students who want to study in the UK. They range from part-funding, for example paying part of your fees, to full-funding which covers program fees, living expenses, and return flights to the UK. When it comes to applying for good, generous UK scholarships, the competition is high, and some of the best providers take into consideration many requirements — your previous academic history often being one of them. So if you can prove you’re a top student with impressive study achievements, you shouldn’t think twice and apply for an international scholarship in the UK.

However, many students may ignore the fact that London offers some of the most generous scholarships in the United Kingdom, even though housing and living costs in London are greater.

Reasons to Study in London

Let's first discuss some of the reasons why one should consider studying in London before moving on to some of our top choices for scholarships to study there:

  • One of the best cities in the world will be at your fingertips for meeting your educational goals when you study in London. Numerous local businesses, support groups, and libraries could all be of assistance to you as you pursue your education.
  • One of the most beneficial things you may acquire throughout your time at university is contacts in your desired field of work. While studying in London, you will have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of professionals in both your field and your degree. Meeting the proper people may help you succeed in your job, but it will take some work.
  • While your academic career is important, you also want to be sure that it is setting you up for future success. Numerous employment opportunities, from graduate programs to part-time cash jobs, are made available to students in London. There is something here for everyone because there are also tech and artistic start-ups.
  • London is the place to go if you want to live in a city. In one city, there are approximately 7000 bars and taverns, more than 5000 restaurants, and more than 350 music venues!

Top Scholarships to Study in London

International students can apply for a range of scholarships offered by London universities. Some of the top scholarships for studying in London are listed below:

Queen Mary London (Unite Foundation Scholarship)

For Queen Mary University of London students, this scholarship offers free housing for the duration of your studies together with a £4,000 monthly grant for living expenses. Students who are currently living outside the M25 and who are in care or have a low household income are eligible.

Brunel University (Local Boroughs Scholarship)

The Local Boroughs Scholarship at Brunel University is worth £6,000 a year. This prize is open to students who attended a sponsored school or college in one of the six London boroughs, got 360 UCAS points, and satisfied one of the "under-represented criteria."

LSE (Betty MacQuitty Scholarship)

The Betty MacQuitty Scholarship, which will be given to a deserving undergraduate student from the United Kingdom, is now available from LSE. This £15,000 per year scholarship is available to any female undergraduate student at LSE who is older than 21.

Imperial College (Imperial Bursary)

One of the largest scholarship programs in the UK, the Imperial College's Imperial Bursary assists Home students in paying for their studies in London. You are free to use the funds any way you like, including for housing, food, and other essentials. You might receive up to £6,000 a year from this scholarship if you are a UK undergraduate with a family income of less than £60,000.

Pearson College London (Student Co-Creator Scholarship)

The Pearson College Student Co-Creator Scholarship is intended to help talented students finish their degrees regardless of their financial situation. Your entire tuition will be covered by this Pearson College Scholarship.

University College (The Rose Bursary)

Each year, four University College London students who require financial assistance will receive Rose Bursaries. The four chosen recipients will receive up to £30,000 throughout their degree.

West London University (International Ambassador Scholarship)

100 students can choose from among 100 undergraduate and graduate scholarships of £5,000 from the University of West London. Students who represent the University of West London must take part in a range of marketing initiatives. The scholarship will pay for the tuition.

UAL (Vice-Chancellor's Postgraduate International Scholarships)

At the University of the Arts London, international students from all over the world can apply for a range of scholarships. There are two categories of international scholarships offered by the UAL Vice-Postgraduate Chancellor. The first one, worth £5,000, is used to pay for lodging, food, and other expenses. The second one, for £25,000, pays for accommodation, other costs, and education.

BPP University (Vice Chancellor's Scholarship)

All BPP University applicants who are the first in their family to attend college, meet the admissions requirements for the relevant program, and have a solid academic record are eligible for a second full-fee-paying scholarship.

Coventry Academic

A renowned university in the UK, Coventry University accepts students from all over the world and provides degrees in a range of subjects. The Coventry Academic Performance Scholarship is a merit-based award paying tuition costs of £1,500 for a chosen set of students who have excelled in previous academic years.

Goldsmith's College (Lewisham Tuition Fee Waivers)

At Goldsmiths College, the University of London, students from the London Borough of Lewisham may apply for 10 full tuition fee exemptions. The student's tuition costs for three years will be covered by £27,000 in fee exemptions. These fee exemptions are available to Goldsmiths College, University of London first-year undergraduate students who have demonstrated academic competence.

Cheapest Universities in London

Furthermore, now that you are knowledgeable about the top scholarships for studying in London. Several colleges in London may offer reduced tuition rates to international students. Some of London's most reasonably priced universities include the following:

Universities Minimum Tuition
Ravensbourne University London £15,900
University of London £13,942
Coventry University London £12,924
London Metropolitan University (LMU) £12,700
The University of West London (UWL) £12,500
Staffordshire University £15,000
Leeds Beckett University £14,000
Teesside University £14,500

Bottom Line

Therefore, these were some of the most well-known and reliable scholarships, through which students can begin their trip to study in London, their ideal city. Check out our other articles for more financial aid options for international students.