FIFA Research Scholarships and Financial Aid 2023 for Study in Switzerland

Want to study abroad? CIES Education is inviting highly skilled and dedicated athletes to apply for the FIFA Research Scholarships in Switzerland. International students who wish to undertake the FIFA Research Scholarships at CIES are eligible to apply and avail of this award. The scholarship is available for the academic year 2023/24. Continue reading to learn more.

FIFA Research Scholarships and Financial Aid 2023 for Study in Switzerland

Foreign or international students looking for student-aid grants to fund their education can take advantage of this FIFA Research Scholarship opportunity in 2023. You can apply for and obtain this scholarship for this year, only if you are an international student interested in research in a variety of subjects. Students in the fields of law, economics, sociology, ethics, geography, history, and medicine are eligible to apply for the FIFA Scholarship.

Moreover, FIFA’s dedication to encouraging and developing football-related academic research is shown in this scholarship. The Research Scholarships Award is a prestigious award given by FIFA. Furthermore, you might be interested to know that FIFA, in addition to overseeing football, also sponsors scholarships.

CIES Education presents the FIFA Master program with scholarships and financial aid for international students of African nationalities. Eligible candidates are invited to apply for these fully funded scholarships to study in Switzerland. Meanwhile, the FIFA Research Scholarships offer a total of five scholarships each year. Firstly, two “full” African scholarships cover the fees and living expenses (CHF 45’000.- per scholarship). Moreover, these scholarships are for students of an African nationality only and may be divided by the Scientific Committee to help more than one applicant. However, continue reading to learn more about this exciting scholarship program

Meanwhile, in this article, we will explain in full detail everything you need to know about the FIFA Research Scholarships. From the eligibility requirements to the scholarship benefits, how to apply, and any other important information you need to know about the scholarship program.

About the FIFA Research Scholarships

The FIFA Research Scholarship aims to promote academic research on football conducted by young researchers. Thus, this Scholarship is awarded to doctoral students, scholars, and young researchers whose academic research activity is documented and firmly established at an identifiable institution. Moreover, applications for scholarships must include a research topic related to football in one of the following research fields: humanities and social sciences, law, economics, or medical sciences.

Meanwhile, the management and implementation of the scholarship have been entrusted by FIFA to the CIES (International Centre for Sports Studies). CIES coordinates the evaluation of applications and the allocation of financial support to applicants. Each year, a selection committee, composed of experts specialized in each field of research, evaluates proposals and grants the scholarships.

About CIES (International Center for Sports Studies)

CIES Education is the International Centre for Sports Studies and is an independent study center located in Switzerland. CIES promotes the ongoing exchange of knowledge and experiences from all of the research and education partners and encourages continual progress and sustainable development in the management of sport worldwide by fully utilizing its international network of partners.

Furthermore, CIES offers top-level education to independent students looking to further their education, an organization looking for continuing education opportunities, an organization looking to recruit a top-class graduate, and a university looking to offer a sports management program. However, it is the best provider of its kind and makes sure the students get the best experience and gain more practical and field knowledge. 

Scholarship Summary

Moreover, here's an overview of the FIFA Research Scholarships.

Scholarship Sponsor(s):


Host Institution(s):

CIES Education, Switzerland

Scholarship Type:

Fully funded scholarships

Study Level:

Postgraduate (Masters)

Field(s) of Study:

Applicants can apply for the FIFA master's program under this award.

Scholarship Value:

See the scholarship benefits section below for details

Number of Awards:

5 scholarships per year

Eligible Nationalities:

Africans/ international students


Not specified

Scholarship Benefits

Furthermore, FIFA will provide the scholarship recipients with the following inclusions.

CIES Education will provide five successfully selected students a scholarship to pursue their FIFA master's program. 2 full scholarships of CHF 45,000 will be awarded to African applicants, and one full scholarship of CHF 45,000 will be awarded to alumni of FIFA/CIES International University Network, and two full scholarships of CHF 25,000 will be presented to other eligible applicants.

Eligibility Requirements for FIFA Research Scholarships

Moreover, applicants must meet the following criteria below to be eligible to apply for the scholarship program.

  • Applicants should be an International students of African descend
  • Researchers who’ve already completed their studies and received a university diploma, bachelor’s degree, state examination, Ph.D., or equivalent degree are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Applicants should have a pre-qualification that will enable them to take up a postgraduate study program
  • Applicants should be presented with the required Supporting documents for their applications to be accepted
  • Applicants should be ready to abide by the terms and conditions of the program

How to Apply

Meanwhile, you can follow the step-by-step guide below to apply for the FIFA Research Scholarships.

To begin with, please prepare yourself to start the application for the FIFA Master Scholarships & Financial Aid 2022-23, first read the application instructions. To access the FIFA Master Online Application Form, you will need to create a login and password. Before doing so, we encourage you to first read through the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and to check that you fulfill all the Criteria for Applying. Then, please read the Financial Aid and the Terms and Conditions.

Once you are sure that you can and wish to apply, please download and carefully read the FIFA Master Online Application Guidelines. Application Documents: You will be required to provide certain supporting documentation (copies of your degree certificate, passport, etc.). You have the option of either uploading these documents (the preferred method) or sending them by regular post. Please download and read carefully the guidelines to upload files. All required application documents are listed on the application instructions

Official Website

In conclusion, please refer to the official website of the scholarship provider using the link below for more detailed information on the eligibility requirements and application instructions for the scholarship program.