Farming Jobs in Australia for Foreigner Workers 2023

As most people know, farming jobs in Australia are some of the best globally, both for foreigners and local Australians. This is because of several factors, including the above-average compensation and the tax-free earnings from working on one's land.

Farming Jobs in Australia for Foreigner Workers 2023

Australia is fortunate due to its reliable weather, stunning scenery, and luxurious way of life. But many individuals don't realize that Australia is also a great area to get employment. While numerous roles are available in Australia's major cities, including Melbourne and Sydney, many foreigners residing abroad could find it challenging to obtain employment there.

Australia's reliance on agriculture is well known, which makes the demand for farmers and farmworkers in the nation even more pressing. However, you might be surprised to learn that numerous positions are available for foreign nationals to fill in the Australian agricultural sector, from harvesting fruit to cropping and all in between. However, it can be challenging to choose suitable employment for you with so many options accessible.

Farmers in Australia have difficulty hiring employees, particularly for farming jobs. Farmers in Queensland and New South Wales struggle to locate skilled labor to maintain their crops and cattle, which results in unharvested yields and inadequate care for livestock. However, foreign nationals can fill this void as long as they meet Australia's qualifications for these professions. According to the Australian Department of Employment, there will be 2% more employment openings on farms by 2022.

Farming Jobs in Australia: What You Need to Know

As we mentioned above, the COVID-19 pandemic has left Australia's agricultural industry with a severe labor shortage, which has made it difficult for farmers to hire employees. Given that the economic effects of COVID-19 have left many Australians without jobs, this is a perfect moment to think about working on a farm. AAV (Australian Agriculture Visa) program is a new initiative that the Australian government has also established.

The Australian Agriculture Visa (AAV) program, which builds on already-existing government initiatives, is being developed to solve the labor shortages in the agricultural sector. Supporting Australia's agriculture and primary industrial sectors as they aspire to reach $100 billion by 2030 is a long-term boost to the labor supply in that country. In addition, the program fulfills the commitment of the Australian Government to implement a comprehensive visa to encourage the expansion of Australia's agricultural businesses.

By giving a second Working Holiday Visa to individuals who log at least 88 working days, the Australian government encourages young people to work on farms. A foreign national must fulfill a few prerequisites to be eligible for the AAV program. Read more about the AAV program...

How to Get Farming Jobs in Australia

Working on a farm may be one of your dream jobs, but getting started can be a little challenging. Rural areas in Australia are home to almost all farming jobs. Agriculture, fishing, and producing fresh vegetables, meat, and poultry are the industries where agricultural work is performed most frequently.

Additionally, the majority of farming employment in Australia is paid hourly or based on the number of farm products harvested. However, employees typically provide wages weekly or biweekly (two weeks). In Australia, farm work is frequently highly physically taxing, so you should make sure the employer pays the minimum salary and that you can locate fair housing.

Unless you already reside in Australia, the only way to get a farm work offer from Australia is through recruitment agencies and job websites for foreign workers, such as Indeed. In addition, you can check out FarmHub, an Australian Government initiative administered by the National Farmers’ Federation. They've summarised the agricultural employment services available to help assist job seekers.

Farm Jobs in Australia for Foreign Nationals

Furthermore, here's a list of farming jobs available in Australia for foreigners:

1. General Farm Workers

The CT Vineyards seeks full-time farmworkers for all-year-round employment. Tasks include Pruning, Vine Training, Rolling, Planting, and Picking dried & table grapes.

Apply – A previous experience is not mandatory, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to send your resume to [email protected], as you will be given a specific position.

2. Farm Manager

The Oyster Coast seeks a farm manager to oversee all the activities, including the growth and well-being of crops and animals and the sales going on the farm. This is a full-time job, covering a visa sponsorship, and no qualification is needed. Maximum Pay – AU$7,000 Per Month

3. Farm Assistant

Southern Sky Farms needs an experienced farm Assistant to help in the planting and irrigation setup of a mixed orchard, Apples, Citrus, Avocados, and Mangoes. The pay rate is 25$ per hour and free and top-notch accommodation.

4. Breeder Production Farm Assistant Manager

Darwalla Group is looking for a Breeder Farm Assistant Manager. As one, you will be a solid support to the Farm Manager with the operation of a 6-shed modern breeder production farm in southeast Queensland. The successful applicant will be offered a competitive remuneration package including salary & mobile phone.

5. Poultry Farm Shed Attendants

DA Hall & Co seeks Poultry farm shed attendants who will be required to work efficiently and cohesively within a team environment on a rotating roster, ensuring the welfare of domestic poultry, to supporting the efficient production of high-quality and hygienic eggs. Should you not be local and successfully secure this role, you may be able to get financial assistance to help cover the costs of your move.

6. Poultry Farm Workers

Talent propeller is looking for Poultry Farm Workers to join the team. The role involves various duties, from weighing and feeding birds, vaccinating birds, bird transfers, shed cleaning, and other associated tasks.

7. Grower

Growers are responsible for raising crops, which involves managing their growing environment to keep them healthy. They plant seeds, fertilize and irrigate crops and devise schedules to achieve maximum yield.

8. Warehouse manager

Farm warehouse managers oversee all activities related to storing, shipping, and receiving agricultural materials. They send and receive shipments, including loading and unloading products and materials.

9. Feed mill manager

Feed mill managers supervise the production and storage of animal feed. They are responsible for monitoring inventory levels, scheduling feed production, and inspecting grain quality.

10. Sales representative

Wholesale agricultural sales representatives sell materials and products to businesses and government agencies. They seek out prospective customers by attending trade shows, reviewing customer lists, and following leads from existing clients.


Furthermore, here are some of the frequently asked questions about farming jobs in Australia for foreign nationals.

Can Anybody Get a Job on a Farm?

Finding a farm job is not easy, whether you are new to agricultural employment or have recently immigrated to Australia. However, it's not impossible, much like most professions in other fields. Networking with a farmer whose work you are interested in is frequently the first step. Note that farms are seasonal enterprises, so don't give up if you don't find employment immediately—it can take some time to discover your ideal fit.

Also, keep in mind that numerous ways to launch a farm exist. For example, ask about part-time positions if you have experience but are not qualified for full-time employment. Or, if you're only looking for temporary employment, part-time research jobs like harvest camps where students can earn extra money. They work as farmers in Australia's rural districts while also attending school. Additionally, many foreign nationals might find work on corporate farms close to large cities like Sydney and Melbourne.

How Much do Farm Workers Get Paid?

As of 2013, the hourly pay for farmworkers in Australia ranged from $20 to $8.50. Age and amount of experience are factors. Beginning farm laborers might anticipate earning between $13 and $15 per hour. Seasoned field laborers earn from $19 to $20 per hour. Although these jobs are not frequently unionized, some farms offer medical insurance and paid time off. The majority of farms also provide accommodation or a housing subsidy. Cities like Sydney and Melbourne have a higher cost of living than other cities. Therefore, salaries there might be slightly higher than elsewhere in Australia.

Bottom Line

The good news is that you can work on farms even if you don't reside in Australia. Jobs in farming are accessible all around the nation. The Australian government actively seeks international candidates for unfilled posts in the agriculture sector. However, it can be challenging to find a job because many of its native-born population choose more metropolitan lifestyles or aren't interested in working outside all day if your resume demonstrates that you have experience cultivating crops and raising cattle. On the other hand, you might already be well on your way to a thrilling new life in Australia! Please view some of our other employment opportunities articles.