How to Obtain an Employment Sponsorship Abroad for Foreigners

Are you looking to relocate to Europe for employment or a contract? And you don’t want to go through the stress of having to get your visa yourself, or you don’t have that as part of your budget? Are you looking for a company that is offering visa sponsorship benefits? Well, you are in the right place. Work sponsorship jobs mean an employer is willing to obtain a work visa for highly qualified candidates. Continue reading to learn more about work sponsorship abroad for foreigners.

How to Obtain an Employment Sponsorship Abroad for Foreigners

Suppose you are a foreigner interested in working abroad but lack the necessary contacts or financial support to set up your own business. In that case, you can look into obtaining an employment sponsorship. With an employment sponsorship, you will be sponsored by a company or an individual and be allowed to work for them instead of looking for permanent jobs. This way, you will be introduced to potential employers in your field of work and have access to their networks before making direct contact with them.

Furthermore, getting an offer from companies interested in hiring foreigners can be easier than searching for job postings on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn. In this article, we will go over how to obtain an employment sponsorship and details on how it works, its advantages and disadvantages, and potential pitfalls that may come along the way.

What is an Employment Sponsorship?

Employment sponsorship is a formal agreement between a company in one country and employees in another, whereby the first company employees are brought to work in the second country. The employee may come to work in a foreign country as an employee of the sponsor. The sponsor may be a company based in the employee’s home country, a subsidiary of the home company (a branch or an office), or the home company itself. The sponsor may be a local or foreign government agency or an international business. The employee may work for the sponsor in the country of their choice, in the land of the sponsor’s choice, or in both countries.

Furthermore, this arrangement helps your company verify that the person they plan to hire is indeed eligible to be engaged and has the right to work in that country. It also allows your organization to monitor the person’s working conditions during the contract period. With an employment sponsorship, you and your employer can feel more confident about hiring someone from another country without worrying about overstaying their visa or making illegal visits outside their authorized times.

Types of employment sponsorship

Employment sponsorship can take many forms. The most common type is a regular employment sponsorship. Traditional sponsorship is typically a contract between a foreign employer and a foreign employee that permits the employee to work in a foreign country for the employer. In most cases, the employee is sent to a foreign country full-time. An intra-company transfer (ICT) is another common form of employment sponsorship. An ICT is a company-to-company transfer of an employee from one branch of a company to another branch of the same company. An intra-company transfer may be done as an intra-company assignment (ICT-A) or an intra-company layover (ICT-B).

Benefits of an Employment Sponsorship

Moreover, some benefits of obtaining an employment sponsorship as a foreigner are here.

  • Ease of handling of visas: With an employment sponsorship, your employees are not required to obtain a permit to enter the country where they will be working.
  • No language barrier: If your employees come from their home country, they don’t have to learn a new language and culture.
  • Work permit: Your employees are issued work permits by the immigration authorities of the country where they will be working.
  • Higher income: If your employees earn higher salaries in their home countries, they will likely bring their salaries to work in the foreign country.
  • No high cost of settling in the new country: All your employees will move to the foreign country together as a group.
  • No risk of unemployment: If employees are not satisfied working in a foreign country, they are free to return to their home country.

Requirements for an Employment Sponsorship

Furthermore, as a foreigner, you will need to meet the following criteria to be eligible to be sponsored by an employer.

  • You must have the financial ability to sponsor your employees
  • You must have legal permission from relevant authorities to support your employees.
  • You must have a valid contract between the employee and the sponsor that is binding on both parties.
  • The employee must have the required qualifications to work in the country where they will work.
  • The employee must be able to travel to a foreign country with the sponsor.
  • The employee must have a specific time to work in the new country under an employment sponsorship contract.
  • The employee must have a particular time in the new country under an employment sponsorship contract.
  • The employee must be able to receive the sponsorship benefits provided by the sponsor.
  • The employee must be eligible to work in the country where they will be working.

How to Apply for an Employment Sponsorship

Typically, a potential employer seeks a potential employee’s personal recommendation on the company. Following this, both parties complete an application form. The application form must include the following:

  • personal details of the applicant
  • information about the applicant’s qualifications and experience
  • information about the employer and the business
  • information about the benefits provided to the applicant by the foreign employer
  • information about the terms and conditions of the employment contract of the applicant

Next, the application is usually submitted to the head office of the company where the applicant is searching for a job. If a company sponsors the applicant from their home country, the application may be sent to the company's home office. An employer may also apply for an employment sponsorship for an applicant who is a citizen of another country. In this case, the employer applies directly to the government agency that administers the foreign worker program in the country.

Best Websites for Employment Sponsorship Abroad

Moreover, here are the top job listing websites that provide foreign workers with visa sponsorship jobs.



Indeed is a top global website that allows job seekers and employers to connect on their websites. They have about 250 million visitors on their website every month to access the millions of offers they have. Indeed is a reliable website to find genuine visa sponsorship job offers. Every second, they upload about 10 job openings. They also provide the opportunity for you to research the companies, upload your CV, and narrow your search to job type and category, recent jobs, location, salary, qualification, etc.


Jooble is one of the best websites where you can find the best Europe visa sponsorship jobs. They post over 250,000 job offers every day. These offers come from social networks, classified, corporate websites, etc. Currently, they partner with Facebook and LinkedIn to connect people to career/business opportunities.

Relocateme. EU

Relocateme offers job listings of IT jobs in Europe, specifically. These jobs come with relocation packages like paying for your accommodation and visa sponsorship benefits when necessary.

Arbeitnow is a website that publishes thousands of jobs for people that fall into any of these categories: accountants, freelancers, SEO writers, interns, developers, etc. On their website, you get the most important information you need to know about the job offers such as salary, location, job type, qualifications, and how to apply for them. 


Glassdoor is unique because they don’t just provide these job offers with the opportunity to apply on their website. You also get to read reviews from former employees of such companies you are applying to. You get salary information, the specific location and you get to read the information about these companies.

Things to Remember When Getting an Employment Sponsorship

Moreover, here are a few points to remember when obtaining an employment sponsorship.

  • Ease of handling of visas: The sponsor should have easy access to the relevant authorities in the country where the employees are to be sponsored.
  • No language barrier - If applicants come from their own country, they do not have to learn a new language and culture.
  • Work permit: The employee’s work permit should be valid for the entire period specified in the contract.
  • Higher income: The employee's salary should be sufficient to meet their living expenses in the new country.
  • No high cost of settling in the new country: The employee should be able to buy a house with the salary paid under the sponsorship contract.
  • No risk of unemployment: The employee should have a strong desire to work under an employment sponsorship contract.


You should apply for positions online if you are looking for a new job and have experience in your field. You can also find job listings in local newspapers, on social networking sites, and even on billboards around the city. If you are looking for a job abroad, an employment sponsorship can be a good idea. This article has provided information on how an employment sponsorship can help relocate your employees.