Welcome to Megahams Institution 

Megahams is a technology company that base on providing tech products and services in Nigeria and Africa. Some of our projects are megahams online shopping mall,  Megahams tech hub and Megahams institution, E.t.c

We introduced Megahams institution programme to help Nigerians and Africa as a whole, to grow more in technology orientation and to be able to start a tech company individually or collectively that will make you an independent organizations.

We teach numerous technology courses at megahams institution strictly "Practical" which will gives you highly  rapid learning and understanding.

What will I gain to be a megahams student?

As a megahams institution student, You are liable to learn numerous tech courses and business strategies.

You are going to be putting through technology research which will help you to gain more knowledge in technology.

You are also going  to be awarded with certificate at the end of your program

Some of the course currently available at megahams are:

1. Cloud Computing 

2. Website Development and Design 

3. Application Development 

4. Graphics Design

5. Industrial Auto Mobile motor rewinding 

6. Digital Marketing 

7. Wordpress and Blogging 

8. Business Management

How to Apply for Megahams Institution?

Registration is comming soon.....

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