Welcome To Megahams Gift Card 

Introducing Megahams Gift Card  (Mcard)  to the world of digital card. 

What is Megahams Gift Card

Megahams Gift Card Is a newly introduced digital card to help our customers worldwide as a Gift for making use of megahams products.

Megahams Gift Card enable our users to shop with ease and without needing to use their debit card or money to pay for any products purchasing on our market once the card is gifted by megahams limited or acquired by buying the card. 

It can also serve as a top up Airtime to load credit to your mobiles and working on all network  provider. It is a great innovative idea to help our customers by providing this wonderful Gift Card.

Note: Megahams Gift Card is not yet a Currency Card, you can't use megahams Gift Card to load money into your local bank account yet. But in the future megahams will go into currency. For now megahams gift card is strictly a gift to purchase more products on our market platform or as a Airtime top up. 

How To Get Megahams Gift Card?

Getting Megahams Gift Card is very easy:-

1. The card can be gotten by buying some total number of products on megahams depending on the megahams offers and as a result of the wonderful patronizing you can win up to N5000 Megahams Gift Card.

2. Megahams Gift Card can also be won by randomly selected lucky people from megahams gift offers. 

3. Megahams Gift Card can also be won as a top seller on our market platform,  meaning when you have a seller account (vendor/shop owner)  on our market platform and your goods is getting hug sales from our customers, you can win up to N5000 Gift Card .

As a thank you to all our customers and our vendors we are hereby introducing Megahams Gift Card. 

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