Top 10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners Without Experience

What kind of job can you get if you’re living in Canada but don’t have enough experience? You’re in luck, because Canada has plenty of jobs available to immigrants and foreigners without experience or a Canadian diploma or degree. There are also plenty of opportunities to gain experience once you’ve landed one of these jobs, so keep reading to learn about 10 of the best jobs in Canada for foreign workers without experience!

Top 10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners Without Experience

One of the nations in the world that welcomes immigrants the most is Canada. This nation's progressive social and political atmosphere, excellent standard of living, and universal healthcare attract thousands of immigrants each year. Many foreigners travel to Canada in search of employment.

It can be difficult, but not impossible, for foreign nationals without prior Canadian work experience to acquire employment in Canada. To get you through this new phase of your life in Canada, you simply need the correct guidance. The following article explains all you need to know about getting a job in Canada as an international with little prior experience working there. Continue reading to get started now!

It may seem nearly hard to get into a new industry given the historically low jobless rates experienced worldwide. Naturally, it might be challenging to get a job as an international graduate wherever you are. Fortunately, the population of Canada is among the most hospitable and open places in the world—especially if you're seeking a job. With a population of 35 million, there are many options available to individuals who can see past the frigid environment of their potential employers.

Top 10 Jobs in Canada for Foreigners Without Experience

Foreign employees are more in demand than ever with more than a million employment openings in Canada right now. There are still numerous professions in Canada that don't require any prior experience even with certification, even though the majority of these jobs require qualifications like university degrees or apprenticeship certificates for trades.

However, Canadian businesses use a mix of highly trained, semi-skilled, and low-skilled people across hundreds of industries, from the medical sector to transportation and agriculture, to guarantee that the country's economy stays competitive on the global market. For foreigners without experience, it might be difficult to obtain work in Canada, but this list of the top 10 positions in the country should act as a guide.

Care Giver

Average Annual Salary: $27,300-$34,125

Over the past few years, the need for caregiver professions has increased significantly in Canada. Although there are several careers in this field, the registered nurse sticks out. RNs, who are required to complete a degree program, are highly sought after and may make a decent living. Numerous other industries, including home care, childcare, and geriatric care, also need caregivers.


Average Annual Salary: $26,000-$32,561

Dishwashers may not now hold many jobs in Canada, but they may soon. Dishwashers are in low supply in both Canada and the US. As a result, many firms are increasingly seeking to fill these roles with overseas labor.

Kitchen Helper

Average Annual Salary: $26,000-$48,000

People who wish to work in the kitchen might want to consider relocating to the north. Due to the aging baby boomer demographic, there has been a major increase in demand for these professions in recent years. It is an effective method for competent individuals with little experience to get into the Canadian labor market.

Room Attendant

Average Annual Salary: $25,867-$35,526

Although serving as a room attendant may be a novel job for international employees, it may become popular. In Canada, there is a rising need for workers to clean offices, hotels, and other major buildings. In several of these places, the middle class is expanding, increasing the number of residents who can afford to rent services.

Exhibit Cleaner

Average Annual Salary: $16,400-$52,200

Another expanding sector in Canada that might need immigrant laborers is exhibit cleaning. The middle class is expanding, and there are more foreign visitors to the nation. As a result, the tourism sector is now calling for extra staff to maintain and clean tourist sites.

Seasonal Nursery Workers

Average Annual Salary: $26,325-$$35,100

Seasonal nursery workers should be wary of any job postings that specify that candidates must have Canadian experience. The amount of employment open to experienced workers has expanded recently, thanks in part to the Canadian government. Many of these positions were created to take the place of retirees.


Average Annual Salary: $29,441 -$34,701

Customers may not be searching for foreign cashiers at many Canadian establishments. However, there could be some expansion in this field. As part of its initiatives to widen the labor pool, the Canadian government has made it a priority to increase the number of jobs in this field.

Driver Residential

Average Annual Salary: $29,250-$44,068

Many Canadian provinces provide newcomers with financial aid to aid with job placement. You can get up to $25,000 in British Columbia and Ontario. There may be subsidies available in the other provinces to assist with relocating expenses.


Average Annual Salary: $22,880-$41,600

Canada's packaging business is expanding, much like New Zealand's dairy sector. The establishment of several manufacturing lines by major food firms in Canada has contributed to the growth of this industry's employment.


Furthermore, here are some of the frequently asked questions about jobs in Canada for foreign workers without experience.

How Can I Move to Canada With No Experience?

You may immigrate to Canada in several ways if you lack job experience. You can apply through the Express Entry System if your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) ratings are high enough without work experience, particularly if you have a job offer. You may also get in touch with the provinces and territories you want to relocate to and ask what sort of work is needed there. If you don't have any job experience, you might file for a province nomination to improve your chances of getting admitted to Canada.

How Do I Find a Job Without Work Experience?

Finding a job may be difficult. Fortunately, you may get assistance on fantastic websites like Jobbank, LinkedIn, and Indeed, among others. They have sophisticated search algorithms that look through job postings on the internet. Simply enter "no experience" in the "jobs in Canada" search field to filter results by location, posting date, CV relevance, and other factors.

Can I Move to Canada Without a Job Offer?

If you seek permanent residency, you can move to Canada even if you don't have a work offer. However, if you don't have any experience, having stable employment would be quite helpful. On the other hand, if you are successful in entering Canada and obtaining permanent status, your chances of being employed rise, so you can postpone finding a job until after you arrive.

Bottom Line

It's great to live, work, and study in Canada. There are many opportunities for skilled individuals with little to no experience if you're seeking work. There are several alternatives available if you desire to study, including trade certificates, online courses, and university programs. But the purpose of this list we put up is just to provide ideas. You may visit job-hunting websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Jobbank, where many openings in Canada are posted.