What To Expect From The Markets This Week

What To Expect From The Markets This Week

Nigeria Economy 

Nigeria's import/export imbalance rose by +32.45% from N1.8trn as of the finish of the second quarter to N2.38trn in the second from last quarter. The estimation of Nigeria's product exchange remained at N8.37trn in Q3 2020. This speaks to an expansion of +34.15% in Q3 2020 contrasted with Q2 2020 yet a decrease of - 8.85% contrasted with Q3 2019. Complete exchange year-to-date added up to N23.2trn. The import part was esteemed at N5.38trn, speaking to an expansion of +33.7% in Q3 2020 against the level recorded in Q2 2020 and +38.02% contrasted with Q3 2019. 

Then again, the fare part represented N2.99trn of the all out exchange Q3 2020 demonstrating an expansion of +34.85% contrasted with the worth recorded in Q2 2020 however a decrease of - 43.41% contrasted with Q3 2019. The estimation of fares in Q3 2020 spoke to the least degree of any quarter since 2017. 

The Lagos-Ibadan rail line started business procedure on Monday, December seventh, 2020. The train passage runs somewhere in the range of N2,500 and N6,000. 

The Federal Government stopped the sack of 300 workers of Arik Airline and noticed that the climb in homegrown airfares was inescapable given the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aircraft business. 


Nigeria's expansion figures will be delivered one week from now by NBS. We anticipate feature, center, and food swelling rate to keep an upward pattern. The extent of expansion in feature swelling would be under +0.52% rate focuses recorded in November 2020. Feature expansion could ascend to 14.52%. 

Worldwide Economy 

The UK economy in October recorded a 6th successive month of development, following the economy constriction by - 19.5% in April. The UK economy developed gradually by +0.4% in October in the midst of harder Covid limitations. Notwithstanding persistent development, the UK economy stays around 8% beneath its pre-pandemic pinnacle. Areas, for example, convenience and food were the most noticeably terrible influenced while regions of the economy, for example, schooling, retail, and vehicle producing filled emphatically in October. 

Rising pressures among China and Australia waits on as China reported that it will briefly force hostile to endowment expenses on some Australian wine imports from Dec. 11. Merchants of wines being researched for Australian sponsorship advantages should pay stores to China's traditions authority. 

Asides from the counter unloading taxes of 107.1% to 212.1% on wine imported from Australia, exporters of wine to China being explored would need to pay hostile to sponsorship stores of 6.3%. A portion of Australia's wine merchants that would be influenced incorporate Australia's Treasury Wine Estates, just as Casella Wines and Swan Vintage while Pernod Ricard will draw in a pace of 6.4%. 

Singapore and UK marked a streamlined commerce bargain that will cover an exchange relationship worth more than $22bn. The understanding is fundamentally the same as a current arrangement among Singapore and the European Union (EU). The arrangement eliminates taxes and gives the two nations admittance to one another's business sectors in administrations. It likewise cut non-tax boundaries for hardware. Obligations will be disposed of by November 2024, a similar course of events as the agreement between the EU and Singapore. 

China's shopper value record (CPI) fell 0.5% in November from a year sooner in the wake of rising 0.5% in October. This was driven primarily by upgrades in the pork supply. Then again, the maker value list (PPI) fell 1.5% from a year sooner. 

Brexit exchange arrangement still halted in spite of the supper meeting between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday, as neither EU nor UK is yet to arrive at shared conviction, as the two sides are reluctant to settle. 

The South African economy developed by +13.5% (Q-o-Q) and shrunk by - 6.0%(Y-o-Y). The most grounded commitment came from assembling which contributed 16.2 rate focuses while it increased by +210.2%. Exchange contributed 14.6 rate focuses while it developed by +137%. The most noteworthy development was recorded in mining at +288.3% yet its commitment was not as much as that of assembling and exchange on the grounds that the commitment of mining was just 11.8 rate focuses. 

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd. 

Items Market 

Week after week Review and Outlook 


Oil costs plunged by over 1% on Monday, deleting the positive opinion that the market flaunted a week ago after OPEC in addition to conceded to an arrangement for January creation. 

The American Petroleum Institute (API) investigated Tuesday a form in raw petroleum inventories of 1.141 million barrels for the week finishing December 4. 

Brent raw petroleum value transcended $50 per barrel (bbl) on Thursday unexpectedly since oil cost drooped toward the beginning of March, as any desires for a quicker interest recuperation after the arrival of COVID-19 antibodies supported a colossal ascent in U.S. rough inventories that appeared there was as yet mass stock accessible. Brent had a week after week development of +2.34% (see Table 1). 


Gold costs crept up by +0.14%, expanding their benefits from the earlier week. Silver deteriorated by - 0.79% W-o-W (see Table 1). 


Cocoa costs deteriorated by - 0.95% this week, making it fourteen days of progressive misfortunes. Corn costs plunged by - 0.77% W-o-W while Sugar likewise devalued by - 1.03% (see Table 1). 

Table 1: Weekly Change in Commodity Prices 





Week by week Chg 

YTD Chg 






- 23.86% 











- 0.79% 






- 0.95% 






- 0.77% 






- 1.03% 


Source: Bloomberg, Proshare Research 

*Data for eleventh Dec 2020 is as of 2:06 pm (Nigerian Time) 


In the coming week, Oil costs are relied upon to be bullish as U.S. FDA is set to endorse the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 antibody for crisis use. 

Gold costs are relied upon to proceed with their descending pattern as the immunization roll ou proceeds. 

We expect cocoa costs to encounter an uptick in the coming week as the détente between top cultivator Ivory Coast and Chocolate creator Hershey is relied upon to prompt a get in maker selling. 

Sugar costs to ascend as Indonesia, one of the world's biggest sugar buyers is set to report its import permit. 

Corn costs to ascend during the coming week, in the midst of strong interest and dry climate in South American harvest territories and U.S. Midwestern territory. 

Fixed Income and Money Market 

Currency Market 

Currency market rates began the week low and proceeded during that time because of framework liquidity this was upheld by N280.0bn OMO development reimbursement. The overnight (O/N) rates shut down at 0.88% while the open buyback (OBB) shut the week at 0.50%. 

We anticipate that rates should drift lower in the coming week without subsidizing commitments and some other liquidity stuns. 

Depository Bills Market 

The Nigerian Treasury Bills (NTB) market began the week on a peaceful note, nonetheless, on Wednesday, we saw a gigantic auction of NTB across all tenors. The CBN led a closeout on Wednesday offering N50.9bn worth of notes, the offer was oversubscribed all tenors with financial specialist request most grounded on the 91-day tenor paper which was oversubscribed by more than 10 times. The rate for the 91-day tenor was 0.01% while 182-day and 364-day notes were 0.09% and 0.15% individually. The NTB normal yield shut the week at 0.43%. 

In the week the CBN additionally directed a Special bill closeout, it sold a 81-day bill at o.5% markdown rate to the banks, and the size of issuance is assessed at N4trn. 

We expect support in the NTB market to stay calm in the coming week because of the discouraged and ugly yields. 

FGN Bond Market 

The security market began the week on a bearish note as speculator assessment was blended because of the vulnerabilities of CBN's Special Bill, notwithstanding, the vulnerability was facilitated after CBN unloaded the Special bill at 0.5%. Normal benchmark yields for the FGN securities shut the week at 2.08% with an immense auction at the long finish of the bend. 

FCMB is set to attempt a Commercial Paper Issuance under its N100bn CP program, the CP has a tenor of 260 days expecting to raise about N30bn to help the Bank's momentary financing needs. 

We anticipate that the market should proceed in a tranquil pattern in the coming week. 

FGN Eurobond Market 

The FGN Eurobond market began the week on a bearish note in response to falling oil costs as Iran flagged oil creation to full limit in 2021 and rising COVID-19 cases. In any case, in the week we considered a to be in the market as financial specialist assessment was positive and yields fell in a large portion of the meetings this week. 

We anticipate that the market members should keep on responding to occasions around the worldwide oil cost and COVID-19 news. 

Unfamiliar Exchange Market 

For feeble on-week (W-on-W) execution of the Naira, at the I&E FX window, the Naira acknowledged against the USD by +0.25%, at the BDC market it stayed unaltered. 

The Naira shut the week at $/N395 at the I&E FX window, at the NAFEX (spot market) it shut at $/N391.71, and at the BDC market, it shut at $/N480, E/N630, and E/N580. 

We expect the CBN to proceed with its FX the board system in supporting the Naira at the equal and I and E window. 

Proshare Nigeria Pvt. Ltd. 

Nigerian Capital Market 

It was a bearish execution on the Nigerian Bourse this week because of benefit taking as reflected in the NSEASI which plunged by - 2.53%. The week opened negative on expanded danger off notion and remained so during that time with benefit taking on level 1 banks and enormous cap stocks. Market cap withdrew by N463.73bn; YTD return and market capitalization withdrew to +27.60% and N17.90trn, separately WoW. 

A complete turnover of 2.32bn offers worth N20.99bn in 23,722 arrangements was exchanged for the current week by speculators on the floor of the Exchan